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Medical history


An exhaustive analysis of a patient’s medical record, medical history and an intensive physical examination are important diagnostic elements from the viewpoint of the physician that enable him to posit a tentative diagnosis which can then be further differentiated and supported by additional instrumental examinations as required.
To review a patient’s medical history, the physician asks specific questions that elicit an comprehensive picture of the current health status of the patient. The questions asked are as follows:

• Are you experiencing pain?

Pain intensity: How strong is the pain?
Pain localization: Where does it occur?
Pain radiation: In which direction(s) does the pain radiate (arms, legs)?
Pain duration: When did pain start, how frequent, how long does pain persist?
Pain quality: Lacerating, burning, nagging, blunt, etc.?
Provocation of a worsening of pain: When coughing, pressing, sneezing?

• Are you experiencing sensory disturbances/perception disorders of the skin?

Where do they occur?
How strong?
Since when?
Has there been a reduction in sensitivity?
Sensory disturbance increasing or improving?
Tingling? Formication (like ants are crawling over the skin)?

• Any noticeable changes in the muscles or locomotor system?

Where? How strong and since when?
Has there been any increase or decrease?
Weakness in arms or legs? Reduced strength?
Restricted movements?
Blockages or stiffness?
Uncertain gait?

• Any problems with the intestines, bladder or sexual functions?

• Are you taking any medications or other drugs (alcohol, nicotine, drugs)?

• Are you suffering from any organic diseases?

Cardiovascular High blood pressure?

-Vascular sclerosis? Stroke?
-Heart attack?
-Varicose veins?

Metabolic diseases

-Lipometabolic disturbances?
-Thyroid disease?

Gastrointestinal tract

-Stomach ulcers?
-Duodenal ulcers?
-Acid eructation / heartburn?
-Digestive disturbances

Kidneys/efferent urinary tract

-Kidneys/bladder inflammations?
-Kidney stones? Bloody urine?


-Shortness of breath?

Rapid exhaustion?

Gynecological status?



• Anything conspicuous in family or social history?

Family medical history

-Do any family members suffer from severe diseases?
-Are there any inheritable diseases?
-Do any diseases occur with a high level of frequency in your family?

Social history

-Schooling, professional training?
-Current work? Financial, family and social stability?
-Family situation?